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The Klevener can only be found in the village of Heiligenstein. It is made of pink Savagnin grapes, a variant of the Traminer. The origin of the variety remains a mystery although some people say that the Traminer came from a Greek vine variety, others say it descended from Italian grapes. Viticultural studies mention its presence in Alsace as early as 1551.

The former local curiosity has since become a renowned specialty of the Alsatian wine area. The Klevener has everything necessary to be aprestigious wine.Thanks to the specificities of the clay and silica-rich earth of Heiligenstein, the Klevener developed a strong and exceptional aromatic quality.

In 1971, the INAO (National Institute for Designation of Origin) defined the area of the terroir of Heiligenstein. The only wines which hold the right to AOC Vin d’Alsace or Alsace, other than the “Klevener de Heilgenstein”, are those made from the varietal Savagnin-rose from that area.